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The Migration.macht.digitale.Medien project brings people together regardless of their diverse backgrounds and shapes the digital space by addressing social issues, particularly those specific to migration.

The project creates podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and photo campaigns. Social and digital media will be targeted with a critical stance towards racism in order to give marginalized groups as well as groups new to Germany the opportunity to bring their perspectives to the public. People learn the necessary skills through creative workshops. Video and audio editing, photography courses or discrimination-sensitive image reporting – all the necessary skills are learned in a playful way in seminar-based training courses.

In addition to the workshops, there are also exchange meetings and excursions. Conferences are attended, film screenings are organized, and invitations are sent out for encounter trips.

Migration.macht.digitale.Medien is supported by the federal program “Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt” (Social Cohesion) on behalf of the German Ministry of the Interior (BMI). The federal program sees itself as a support program for society as a whole, which aims to have a lasting positive impact on the diverse coexistence and peaceful togetherness in cities and communities.

The project is led by Silas Meyer. Silas is a social scientist (B.A.) and has been working in the field of political education and anti-discrimination for several years.

Migration.macht.digitale.Medien is open to all people who are interested in digital media. Previous knowledge is not a prerequisite. We deliberately want to bring together people with and without international biographies.

Write to us and join in!

Migration macht Gesellschaft e.V.
Schwanthalerstraße 80
80336 München
phone: +49 (0) 17684940060